This Week in Music NFTs - Mar 6

The Music NFT Kickback in Denver was a movie.

With sets from Daniel Allan, Bloody White, Dot, Clear Eyes and Eva Myra May - it was truly a night to remember.

We’re reaching a point where these shows can be known more for the music than than the tech. And that’s a very important stepping stone.

It goes hand in hand with this week’s conversation around when to drop your NFTs vs when to release on Spotify.

While there’s no one right answer - we’re reaching a world where collectors want synergy between web2 and web3.

The market may be slow, but the vibes are high.

Shoutout to Jaydn Violet and Nikki Bean for putting together awesome Music NFT events in Denver as well.

This Week in Music NFTs has been running every week since March 14. Almost exactly a year on the dot.

Keep your eyes peeled - we have some major news this week and are very excited to share our next chapter.

Upcoming Drops

  1. Daz Merchant - Temperature Check (with Valentina Cy)

  2. DABOW - 2 Minutes

  3. CUDDLES - I’m Like That

  4. cuods - highscore!

  5. Sara Phillips - MINE

  6. Contradash - Isabelle

  7. MONDAY! - The Breaks

  8. Valentina Cy - I think I’m Losing Control

  9. Max Pretends - Mirror

  10. Mark De Clive Lowe - Better Days

Freshly Minted

  1. Annika Rose x Jagwar Twin - Lost

  2. LATASHA - Platter

  3. DLG - Drown in You

  4. RŌHKI - Reflection Music Video

  5. Matthew Chaim - Whim_ Two Feet

  6. slenderbodies - simple shapes (Clear Eyes Remix)


  8. Domino - The Man

  9. Mija x Bloody White - No Rules

  10. Dot - GRLS DNT CRY

  11. NoiseDAO - Feel Good

  12. demotapes - The River (with Pluko)

  13. Belis - The Iveys

  14. Beachcrimes - Melody (In my Head)

  15. Sable Valley x Pauline Herr - JSYK

  16. LNRZ - Near - Eel

  17. Rude Cat - Good Mourning

  18. Dutch Melrose - Sleepless

  19. Lauren Juzang - It’ll Be

  20. George Hooks - HedsTAPE 11

    Listen to Freshly Minted on Spinamp

Top Stories

LNRZ Announces SZN 2.5

LNRZ shares a new strategy to finish Season 2.

Bello Launches Revenue Dashboard

Bello shares a new tool for creators to track on-chain revenue

Heds Drops HedsVOTE for HT11

Heds shares a new voting mechanic for HedsTAPE 11

Sound Shares New Navigation

Sound changes its home page to better navigate the site

RELICS Mints IDOL 02 with Raf Grassetti

RELICS drops its second set of metaverse music players

Jaydn Violet Hosts UVR at ETH Denver

UVR brings together rising talent and companies in web3 music at ETH Denver

Bonus Reads

  1. TK at Music NFT Kickback

  2. Crittie on the Music NFT Market

  3. DLG 2 Experiments

  4. MusicBen 8 Stories

  5. Ro Music on Spotify vs Web3

  6. Iman on r&b Music NFTs

  7. 0xLucas ETH Denver Power Rankings

  8. Grady Web3 Energy

  9. Nicholas on How Major Labels Work

  10. Broke Investor Music NFT Giveaway

  11. Supercharged Presave

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Disclosure: I am an investor in Heds, Sound and RELICS. I have also collected most of the songs mentioned in Freshly Minted.

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