This Week in Music NFTs - Feb 27th

Pressures of the bear market are setting in.

Music NFT sales slowed as artists and collectors try and find the balance.

Collectors have vocalized a strained environment due to a lack of secondary sales while artists have vocalized a desire to mitigate all Music NFTs being listed for 0.01 ETH.

While there’s no one right answer - this dynamic is the cornerstone of a maturing market.

What is the “standard” supply and price for a Music NFT?

Should there even be a standard?

Collectors have a finite amount of ETH.

Artists deserve to price their work however they see fit.

Keep a close eye on how the meta evolves in the coming weeks.

Separately - Spotify dipped their toes into web3 by debuting token-gated playlists.

While it’s a long way from a “collect” button - this is a huge win for the space and demonstrates that serious players are figuring out how to get involved.

Lastly - ETH Denver is this week.

Coop Records is partnering with Sound, Spinamp and LNRZ to host a Music NFT Kickback.

With sets from Daniel Allan, Bloody White, Dot, Clear Eyes and Eva Myra May - this is not one you want to miss!

RSVP here and we’ll see you on Saturday night!

Here’s what to watch this week.

Upcoming Drops

  1. Annika Rose x Jagwar Twin - Lost

  2. Mija x Bloody White - No Rules

  3. PrettyMuch - Wrong

  4. demotapes - The River (with Pluko)

  5. Dessauer - Heli

  6. BIJOU - Saint Tropez


  8. Wilter - not looking out the window anymore

  9. dilip - Lemon Tart

  10. Belis - The Iveys

Freshly Minted

  1. Sammy Ariaga - Metagirl (Remix)

  2. Daniel Allan x DEEGAN - Nauseous

  3. Reo Cragun - Closer to God

  4. LNRZ x TK - I Don’t Need You

  5. Noise x msft - with me

  6. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo

  7. TK - Eternal Garden Master Collection

  8. Alec King - Being Alone Feels Like I’m Drowning Pt. 2

  9. Abjo - Jam Session No. 7

  10. Parrot - When I’m With You

  11. HedsTAPE 11

  12. Bad Lovers Club - Razorbladed Dividends

  13. Iman Europe - Studio

  14. Vaarwell - Sellout

  15. Vince Aloe - Cassette

  16. Xcelencia Stems

  17. High Tropics - Girlfriends

Listen to Freshly Minted on Spinamp

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Bonus Reads

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  2. Hamburglar What Happened to Music NFTs

  3. Medallion Digital Collectibles

  4. Synergis ETHDenver

  5. Valentina Surprise Drop

  6. Music NFTs in Paris

  7. Oshi Eternal Garden Remix

  8. Iman Europe x Andre Oshea iPhone Screen

  9. What’s Holding Music NFTs Back?

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Disclosure: I am an investor in NFT Now, Songcamp, Arpeggi, Showtime and the Hume Collective. I have also collected most of the songs mentioned in Freshly Minted.

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