New Paths for Onchain Music

Onchain music is finding new use cases.

Songcamp released their newest lineup of artists.

PartyDAO created a new way for creators to earn ETH rewards.

Royal teased a new product strategy.

Sound plans to make music “multi-player.”

Starter Packs Season 1 is looking for artists to apply to their incubator program.

All this comes together to say, there are many different outlets for artists to experiment with onchain music.

We’re talking about the latest in the Invest in Music chat.

Here’s what happened this week.

Top Stories

Songcamp C4 Artist Lineup

15 musicians, songwriters, producers, and vocal artists.

PartyDAO Rewards Party Creators

Earn ETH by starting a Party on the platform.

Royal Rethinks Strategy

Royal teases a new strategy for onchain music.

Coinbase Venture Summit in Malibu

20 founders gathered in Malibu for a summit focused on building the next generation of onchain consumer apps.

Starter Packs Season 1

A web3 storytelling incubator. Apply here.

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Music Monday

Featuring Tarot, Grey, Virtual Riot, Gramatik, Songcamp, Lekker Collective, BLOODY, Edwin and other artists making waves onchain today.

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Weekly Spotlight

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