Music Monday 002
Invest in Music
March 20th, 2023

We’re back for our second edition of Music Monday.

We saw a jam packed week of mints last week - including drops from Daniel Allan, Oshi, Felly, Grady, Edwin and a strong entrance from WesGhost.

Bloody White teased an upcoming project - Modern Romance. That music is now live and in the world - ahead of a week full of mints starting this Wednesday.

We dropped our first podcast episode with Daniel Allan - available to collect until Thursday.

Here’s what to watch for this week.

Featured Song

bloody white - RUN

The first mint off Bloody’s new EP “MODERN ROMANCE” drops this Wednesday.

Bloody white constantly turns heads with his versatile production and ability to go from melodic songwriting to hard hitting bass music.

“RUN” seamlessly combines the best of both worlds - offer an upbeat glimpse into what’s sure to be a hallmark project for this rising star.

Priced at 0.003 ETH - this is the most accessible of the 5 tracks on MODERN ROMANCE - giving collectors a great way to dip their toes into the bloody white ecosystem.

Collect RUN here.

Upcoming Drops

  1. bloody white - RUN

  2. oshi - young and free

  3. LNRZ x Tarot - Way Back

  4. Felly & Arden Jones - Crying in Sunshine

  5. Domino - RETURNLABEL

View more upcoming drops here.

Freshly Minted

  1. Invest in Music Ep01 - Daniel Allan

  2. Daniel Allan & DLG - Cage

  3. WesGhost - Sleepwalking

  4. Felly - Free Love

  5. oshi - my girl

  6. LNRZ x Edwin - YOURE DONE

  7. ATRIP - @grady Night

  8. Grady - Sex Scenes and Video Games

  9. Gianni Blu - Walking on a Dream

  10. Valentina Cy - You Make Life a Little Better

  11. Daz Merchant - Cashmere

  12. harris cole - Feeln_U

  13. Beachcrimes - NVM

  14. Heds x Robu - Back


Listen on Spinamp here.

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Still Minting

  1. Vaarwell - Sellout

  2. Mija - No Rules

  3. Alec King - Being Alive Feels Like I’m Drowning

  4. High Tropics - Girlfriends

  5. Bad Lovers Club - Razorbladed Dividends

  6. RÜDE CAT - Homesick

  7. Parrot - When I’m With You

  8. Sable Valley x Pauline Herr - JSYK

  9. Belis - The Iveys

  10. Edwin - Intoxicated

Collect still minting here.

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