Optimism Starter Pack

Sound is live on Optimism.

More than 90 artists have generated over 55 ETH across thousands of mints during the first month.

Optimism has become the defacto way to collect music on Sound.

To learn more about Optimism - check out our podcast with Binji from OP Labs.

This article will show you:

  • How to Bridge ETH to Optimism

  • What is Optimism?

  • What Are the Benefits of Optimism?

  • Collecting on Optimism

  • How to Apply for Optimism grants

Let’s dive in.

​​*This post will be included in Invest in Music's Retroactive Public Goods Funding proposal for Optimism.

How to bridge ETH to Optimism

Bridging is the act of depositing ETH to the Optimism network.

We recommend using the official Optimism bridge.

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Enter the amount of ETH

  3. Click Review Deposit.

  4. Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Bridging is expected to take anywhere from 10-15 minutes.

To view your new balance, change your network from Ethereum Mainnet in the top of your wallet to Optimism Mainnet.

Always use a trusted bridge. 

Double-check the address you are depositing to and transaction details.

What is Optimism?

Optimism is a scaling solution.

It's like a high-speed train that sits on top of Ethereum, allowing more transactions to happen faster and cheaper.

It uses Optimistic Rollups to bundle multiple transactions together at once.

What Are the Benefits of Optimism?

High transaction fees have been a barrier for many artists and fans. 

Optimism reduces these fees, making it more affordable to mint music and for fans to collect.

Optimism also increases the speed of transactions, meaning you can mint, sell, or buy NFTs ~10x faster than a normal transaction.

This speed and efficiency can open up new possibilities for live auctions, real-time collaborations, and more.

Collect on Optimism

When collecting on Sound - you’ll easily be able to tell if it is on Optimism by looking for the OP logo next to price.

Platforms like Sound will automatically ask you to switch networks when purchasing on Optimism.

Here are 3 songs to get started collecting on Optimism today.

RŌHKI - Horizon


AngelBaby - black hole (with TK)


Collect AngelBaby - black hole (with TK) here.

ZiggyZiggy - Bloody White - LA Live


Collect ZiggyZiggy - Bloody White - LA Live here.

To view a full list of songs on Optimism - check out the Optimism Sound Market - powered by FirstMate.

Apply for a Grant 

If you're excited about Optimism, you can apply for an Optimism Grant

Whether you're an artist, developer, content creator, or onchain experimenter, a grant could bring your idea to life.

There are several categories to submit a grant application- like Builder Grants - which support builders in creating novel applications and growth experiments that drive users to Optimism (more info here). 

Check out Invest in Music’s growth experiment proposal to reward our readers for collecting content on Optimism!

The Grants Council reviews applications in cycles that span five weeks. Cycle 14 will open from July 13th to August 16th, but if you can’t make it on time, Cycle 15 will open from August 17th to September 20th (see the calendar here).

You can see the official submission guide by Optimism here or a video tutorial here.

Artists and projects can also apply to the Retroactive Public Goods Funding program, which we will cover in a different post. 

Closing Thoughts

Optimism is a fundamental unlock for onchain music.

It allows more money to go into artists pockets and provides an easier onramp for fans.

We’re excited to support Optimism on their journey and look forward to watching the ecosystem develop!

Got questions about using Optimism?

Shoot us an email at sebastian@investinmusic.xyz.

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