Onchain Music Gets Cheaper

There’s never been a better time to be onchain.

EIP 4844 went live - cutting gas costs by upwards of 80% on the main L2s where onchain music lives.

Optimism announced the winner of their We <3 the Art competition - with prizes anywhere from ~$200K to $4K. Check out the full list of winners here!

Drakula launched an onchain TikTok - driving $1M of volume in their first 24 hours of launch.

Lastly - Stack launched their points chain - specifically designed for onchain loyalty programs.

Put it all together and there are tons of new opportunities popping up for onchain creators.

It’s hard to fathom how it all comes together but if one thing is for sure - great things happen when you put your music onchain.

Invest in Music is sponsored by Coop Records - an onchain record label.

Coop Records has released 150+ songs onchain with artists like 33 Below, Pluko and RIZ LA VIE.

They collaborated on drops like ORIGINS, Faceless and Existential Dance Music.

If you see a * next to a song - this means that there is overlap with Coop Records.

To submit your project to Coop Records - email demos@cooprecords.xyz.

Top Stories

EIP 4844 Goes Live

The update lowers gas fees on Superchain L2s - and up to 100x on Base!

Optimism Announces We <3 the Art Winners

The contest rewarded 47 musicians who minted their artwork across the Superchain.

Drakula Launches on Base

The new app is an onchain TikTok - powered by BLOOD tokens.

Stack Launches Points Chain

Stack launches a chain dedicated to onchain loyalty programs.

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