Bloody white is a cornerstone example of what it means to be an artist in web3.

His new project, MODERN ROMANCE, paints an elegant marriage between his music and visual art in a compilation you don’t want to miss.

Here’s what to know

MODERN ROMANCE is a 5-track EP.

Each song features a unique price and supply.

Collect MODERN ROMANCE here.


This collection is a defining moment for bloody white.

In just under 8 minutes - bloody demonstrates the full spectrum of his songwriting and production abilities.

MODERN ROMANCE is his first full body of work released natively in web3 - coming after he’s released nearly 50 tracks across Catalog and Sound over the last year and a half.

The EP showcases the cutting edge of electronic music. It fuses synths, strings, guitars, and drums in a way unique to anything in web3.

As someone who’s been a fan of future bass since the term was first coined in 2014 - MODERN ROMANCE feels like a 2023 adaptation of the golden era of Soundcloud.

The songs

We start out with CRUSH - an energetic and compelling intro setting the scene with a wide atmosphere and full-string arrangement.

Then we move into BODY - a short, yet compact ballad that is both vulnerable and endearing. “Gonna fuck around and get too close,” says it all.

Next is RUN - the first track minted on the project. RUN highlights the euphoric production fused with the all-too-real instinct to run from our discomforts. “I won’t pray for you,  please pray for me”.

PRAY - the rarest track on the project. A soothing yet uplifting arrangement drawing back to bloody’s early days raised in a very religious family.

And finally - BLOOD. With a soft intro, the track culminates with a peak experience that you can’t help but to listen close.

All and all, MODERN ROMANCE has something for everyone.

Collect MODERN ROMANCE here.

About Bloody White

When we think of artists to pay attention to in web3 - it often starts with a simple question.

Does this artist care?

For bloody white - Music NFTs have literally changed his life.

He’s released 50 songs across Catalog and Sound in the last year and a half.

NFTs paid for a car after he crashed his driving Doordash.

He moved to LA. Met Daniel Allan. Played multiple web3 shows.

He’s rather quiet - but the music speaks for itself.

Bloody white is a bet on the future of web3 music.

Why Should I Care?

MODERN ROMANCE is bloody white’s first hallmark collection.

When asked how he wants people to remember MODERN ROMANCE, bloody commented “where you were on 9/11”.

Looking back on his lineage as an artist - you’ll quickly find MODERN ROMANCE standing out.

In the same way that Daniel Allan released Glass House or Reo Cragun released Frameworks - MODERN ROMANCE is that equivalent for Bloody White.

If you’re looking for exposure to one of web3’s brightest stars - look no further than MODERN ROMANCE.

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