More Money for Onchain Artists

More money went into the pockets of onchain artists this week.

Optimism's Airdrop #4 is live! This is the first airdrop that specifically targets artists and creators, and includes the entire Optimism ecosystem - including Base and Zora.

If you’re an artist, creator or builder who deployed an NFT contract across Base, Zora, OP Mainnet, or Ethereum Mainnet from Jan 10 2023 - Jan 10 2024 you may qualify. Read our guide here.

Meanwhile, Privy opened to all users, boasting 2.5M users onboarded, 902 SDK releases and 5 audits as they enter this new era.

Heading into the weekend, NFT Paris is happening in France, with the conference set for today and tomorrow.

Looking ahead to next week, the excitement around ETH Denver is growing. Numerous Telegram chats have popped up, with the first group of attendees already on their way.

IYK is powering the conference this year. Attendees can look forward to tapping badges, participating in real-life quests, and earning BUIDL tokens.

The Base team will be in the city, ready to connect with builders. They're also hosting a music evening featuring 3LAU and Coopahtroopa, just one of the music events slated for next week.

If one thing’s for sure, next week is set up to be one of the most exciting in the last few months.

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Here’s what happened this week.

Invest in Music is sponsored by Coop Records - an onchain record label.

Coop Records has released 100+ songs onchain with artists like Daniel Allan, RŌHKI and BLOODY.

They collaborated on drops like ORIGINS, Faceless and Existential Dance Music.

If you see a * next to a song - this means that there is overlap with Coop Records.

To submit your project to Coop Records - email

Top Stories

Optimism Airdrop #4

More than 10M OP (or ~$40M) have been distributed across 22K unique addresses in the Superchain ecosystem.

Sound Ships New Homepage

The new homepage has an emphasis on user curation.

Privy Opens to All

The company already has 2.5M users onboarded, 902 SDK releases and 5 audits.

IYK x ETHDenver’24 Partnership

Tap badges at the conference to unlock perks and features powered by IYK.

Story Protocol Launches

“Story Protocol transforms IPs into networks that transcend mediums and platforms, unleashing global creativity and liquidity.”

Onchain Music on Billboard

Daniel Allan & Lyrah hit #34 on this week’s Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart.

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