Making Onchain Music Invisible

Crypto is up - is music next?

We survived the crypto bear market and consumer apps are getting ready to take on a new audience. And they’re doing it by putting crypto in the background.

Privy launched Spotify logins - easily letting anyone create a wallet using their Spotify account.

Stack announced a $3M seed round to build onchain loyalty programs alongside an early teaser of a new app to add your favorite artists called Boombox.

Oscillator launched their first product - Fanscore in partnership with co-founder RAC.

Audius debuted their native Frames and We <3 the Art is set to announce the winners of their 1.2M OP onchain art contest this Monday.

All this goes to show that onchain music is putting the crypto in the back, and focused on highlighting the products first.

It comes alongside a wider push for true mainstream adoption - and truly feels like we’re just one leg away.

We did a deep dive on onchain points with Graeme from Stacks - free to mint on Warpcast.

Here’s what happened this week.

Invest in Music is sponsored by Coop Records - an onchain record label.

Coop Records has released 150+ songs onchain with artists like 33 Below, Pluko and RIZ LA VIE.

They collaborated on drops like ORIGINS, Faceless and Existential Dance Music.

If you see a * next to a song - this means that there is overlap with Coop Records.

To submit your project to Coop Records - email

Top Stories

Privy Adds Spotify Logins

Create a wallet by signing in with Spotify.

Sound Launches New Mobile App

Sound launched their redesigned mobile app, including notifications.

Stack Announces $3M Seed Round

Archetype leads a round in a company focused on onchain loyalty programs.

Boombox Teases New Artist App

Boombox releases a Frame to share your favorite artists ahead of their upcoming launch.

Oscillator Launches Fanscore

RAC debuts a product to see where you stand against other onchain fans.

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