Invest in Music

Music is a core driver of culture.

From creation to distribution, marketing, streaming and touring - there is an endless amount of information when it comes to being an artist in 2023.

With the recent advent of web3, a new variable has entered the equation - collecting.

Invest in Music is where fans become collectors.


Here’s what to expect.

The Vision

Music is an identity.

However - there are few ways to meaningfully participate in the journey of the songs and artists we know and love.

The artists we follow, the songs we like, the concerts we attend - these are core memories that define our relationship with the world.

As a team of superfans - we’ve always wanted to go deeper.

To connect with the artist and support them on their journey.

To meet like-minded individuals and talk about the impact a song or project has on our journey.

We believe these relationships are being defined in real-time.

Our mission is to cultivate a community who shares their love for music with a passion for investing in its potential.

We want build careers in the music industry without subscribing to the norms that exist today.

To take pride in supporting an artist on day one and make music your identity.

Here’s how.

What is Invest in Music?

Invest in Music is a music media outlet powered by NFT Now.

It will start as a podcast and a newsletter.

Invest in Music will formally replace “This Week in Music NFTs” - a weekly newsletter started a year ago.

Invest in Music will feature a weekly podcast interview alongside a recap of top songs and stories.

We want to help fans become collectors.

We’ll cover songs, artists, products and what it means to be part of the Music NFT culture.

We’re proud to feature as our first sponsor - giving listeners an easy on-ramp into collecting.

What to Expect

We believe that all content should be collectible.

Every podcast and blog post released through Invest in Music can be collected.

We’re proud to partner with Mirror for the launch of the Invest in Music Pass - your key to accessing new content as it’s released.

The pass will provide you with real-time updates when new content is posted.

It allows you to join the Invest in Music collector chat - the home for all conversations around the community and web3 music at large.

We believe that content should be cheap to collect and as accessible as possible.

We’re proud to usher in a new age of media by allowing the community to collect any and all content in the Invest in Music ecosystem.

Collecting content is the best way to support Invest in Music and allows you to signify that you were an early patron and member of the community.

Our goal is to onboard new collectors.

Collecting content will unlock exciting opportunities for you to become a leader in the Invest in Music community and the wider web3 music world.

You'll be able to showcase your involvement and dedication to the community and build relationships with other members who share your passion for investing in music.

Invest in Music Podcast

The podcast will feature weekly episodes with guests debuting breaking news.

Episodes are being powered by our friends at NFT Now - giving you the best audio and video experience.

Whether it be a collection, EP, album or product update - we want the Invest in Music podcast to be the place for artists and founders to announce their most prized stories.

We take pride in our relationships with many of the leading voices in web3, and look to be a staple within the wider community when it comes to providing a deep dive into the sector's leading stories.

These interviews will be complemented by a weekly recap giving listeners the ability to stay up with the top songs and stories in the space.

All episodes of Invest in Music will be collectible through our website built with Bonfire [REDACTED] and Sound Protocol.

Stay tuned for the announcement of Episode 1 very soon.

Invest in Music Newsletter

For those who have previously subscribed to This Week in Music NFTs - you’re familiar with what to expect.

The format of past newsletters was as follows:

  • Opening Note

  • Upcoming Drops

  • Freshly Minted

  • Top Stories

  • Bonus Reads

Moving forward, we’ll be breaking out the newsletter into two specific columns to better contextualize songs from stories.

To start the week, we will publish “Music Monday” - a deep dive on a Featured Song, Upcoming Drops, Freshly Minted and Still Minting.

To end the week, we will publish “Weekly Rollups” - a recap of the top stories and tweets from the past week.

Over time, we hope to expand our coverage to include real-time stories as new projects and collections are announced.

Expect the first version of Music Monday to go live next week.

Why Now?

Curation in web3 is in its infancy.

Invest in Music looks to be a leading voice in the coverage of the next generation of artists using web3 to their benefit.

We also see a huge opportunity to educate and inspire artists and fans not currently in web3 - and hopefully change the stigma that NFTs have received over the past few years.

This outlet is meant to welcome all artists and founders - not just those in web3.

We’re optimistic that this outlet can become a leading voice for investing in music at large, including topics like catalog acquisitions, artist investments, record deals and much more.

If you’re interested in contributing to Invest in Music, shoot an email to

We want to make it simple to understand why someone would collect music.

We want our community to feel confident in collecting and supporting artists and companies.

Get Involved

This post marks the official launch of Invest in Music.

To stay involved, collect the Invest in Music Pass and join the Invest in Music collector chat here.

We’re excited to expand the web3 music community and shed light on the artists, founders and collectors who made this possible.

Thank you for your support.

Here’s to the next generation of collectors!

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