This Week in Music NFTs - March 28

Music NFTs.

Probably nothing.
Probably nothing.

The trending topic on Crypto Twitter has everyone wondering why.

Whether it’s Diplo announcing his first Music NFT drop, Sound starting Season Two or a growing secondary market - the writing is on the wall.

Collectors are enjoying their first major secondary sales, marking a full circle loop for early supporters.

Pioneers like RAC are demonstrating the power of Music NFTs - bringing a headline to a new demographic.

But - it’s important to remember it’s not about the money.

We’re creating a new model for patronage, and many are wondering what it looks like.

There’s an ongoing search for the early blue chip musicians, and the fact that question is still being answered is a great sign that we’re still early.

I’ll be breaking it down during talks at NFT LA on Wednesday afternoon, and on a panel at the Collector & Creator Club on Friday afternoon.

If you’re in LA - come through!

In the meantime, here’s where to look this week.

Upcoming Drops

Artist: Diplo

Platform: Royal

Date: March 29th, 3:00 PST

Mint Price(s): $99, $999, $9,999

Total NFTs: 2110


Artist: Vic Mensa

Platform: Sound

Date: March 29th, 2:00 PST**

Mint Price:** 0.1 ETH**

Total NFTs:** 55**


Freshly Minted

Artist: Maelstrom

Platform: Sound

Date: March 24th**

Mint Price:** 0.1 ETH**

Total NFTs:** 150**


Artist Spotlight - Peter Saputo

LA-based singer-songwriter Peter Saputo is making his Sound debut this week - marking his first major release on a curated Music NFT platform.

As a community favorite, Peter worked his way into the mix by being at just about every Music NFT event ever. He performed at a Good Karma Records Showcase and flew to SXSW for just one night to be a part of the Sound Series event with Alexander23.

Peter’s sound is a blend of Charlie Puth, Alec Benjamin and John Mayer. He’s a major supporter of the local music scene in LA, and an active member in the Hearts community.

While waiting to be accepted to Catalog or Sound, Peter didn’t let it slow him down. He sold two 1/1 Music NFTs on Zora, and is ready to take his talent to the next level.

Peter is a shining example of a talented artist with a driven passion, and I personally couldn’t be more excited to collect his Sound drop “Wishing” on March 31st.

Top Stories

Diplo to Drop on Royal

Diplo gears up to sell 20% of the rights to “DON'T FORGET MY LOVE” on Royal this Tuesday.

Sound Announces Season Two

Sound shares it’s plans for Season Two - offering collectors presale access and artist-specific chats.

Future Tape Releases Collector Charts

Future Tape shares charts for the top collectors on Catalog and Sound.

Oshi Records 8.9 ETH Secondary Sale

Oshi sells a Music NFT for 8.9 ETH to CR4IG for a personal song a split of future proceeds.

SoundMint Shares Q1 Treasury Report

SoundMint releases a recap of their community treasury.

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