New Chapter for Onchain Music

Onchain music debates continued into this week.

Thought leaders shared their opinions on where Music NFTs went wrong - and where improvement can be made.

A lot of valid points were made - and we’re now entering a chapter where products are building with real fans in mind.It’s a net positive and we’re glad to see people sharing their most raw and honest takes on how to move the space forward.

Farcaster announced Farcon - an IRL summit in Venice in May.

PartyDAO announced private chats for parties.

Bonfire revealed Bonfire 2.0 - making it easier for artists to make a website for their music.

Showtime teased a rebrand and a new product.

Zora recapped all the platforms building on top of it.

Tune into our latest podcast episode to hear from BlockchainBrett and his thoughts.

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They collaborated on drops like ORIGINS, Faceless and Existential Dance Music.

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Top Stories

Farcaster Community Announces Farcon

Farcaster Takes over Venice in May for their annual summit.

PartyDAO Announces Chats

Every Party now has a private group chat for its members.

Bonfire Announces Bonfire 2.0

A new update to our favorite website builder for onchain artists.

Showtime Teases New Product

Showtime pauses operations and focuses on a new venture to help creators.

Base Begins Open-Sources Their Meetups

Be a part of the future and build on Base.

Zora Spotlights Partners

Zora showcases platforms building on top of them.

Music Monday

Check out what we were listening to this week on our Sound Playlist.

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Weekly Spotlight

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