This Week in Music NFTs - March 21

Music NFTs are popping up IRL.

From ZORATOPIA at SXSW to AfterParty in Vegas this weekend, there’s a growing recognition of the role music is playing in web3 culture.

TK went viral for getting a bid during their set - planting a seed for how Music NFTs can interact with concerts in the future.

At Afterparty, Utopian holders (or Afterparty’s genesis PFP collection) had access to an exclusive part of the venue, giving them a chance to network with some of the biggest creators in the world.

While it's far from perfect, the overlap between Music NFTs and cultural access points are worth paying attention to.

But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There are growing questions around if Music NFTs have value, and most of web3’s biggest advocates aren’t yet sold on them.

However, a conversation is being had - and that’s worth noting in and of itself.

As we start to explore a new chapter of Music NFT collecting around rarity and consumption, here’s what to keep an eye out for this week.

Upcoming Drops

Artist: Oshi

Platform: Beat Foundry

Mint Date: April 12th

Mint Price: 0.17 ETH*

Total NFTs: 808


Artist: Amanda Frances

Platform: Decent

Mint Date: March 21st at 3:00 PST

Mint Price: 0.05 ETH

Total NFTs: N/A


Freshly Minted

Artist: Prentiss’ x Heart Project

Platform: Glass Protocol

Mint Date: March 12th

Mint Price: 0.125 ETH

Total NFTs: 125

Artist Spotlight - Reo Cragun

As one of the most well established acts in Music NFTs, Reo Cragun is carving out a new chapter of his career following mints on Catalog and Sound. He has features and has toured with Flume, and is currently rolling out his next album this Spring.

He’s a co-founder of the LNRZ DAO (pronounced “loners”), a web3 producer and songwriter collective which just voted on its Freshman class last week. Following performances at the Friends with Benefits and showcases in SXSW, it’s safe to say Reo is worth keeping an eye on in the weeks to come.

Top Stories

SoundMint Vinyls Snapshot

SoundMint took a snapshot of KLOUD Genesis NFT holders for upcoming Vinyl airdrop.

Decent Releases Crescendo

Decent shares its plans to offer bonding-curve based editions for the royalty-backed NFT platform.

Sound Recaps Season One shares a recap of Season One and debuts a new way to explore tracks on the platform.

Dreams Never Die DAO Hosts First Listening Session

The DND community came together for its first official listening session as it explores the early stages of becoming a web3 record label.

Spotify Looks to Expand Web3 Team

Spotify released new job postings to further build out its web3 division.

Tomorrowland Shares NFT Plans

Europe’s largest music festival partners with FTX to launch their first NFT experiences.

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