Onchain Artist Sweepstakes!

New prizes just dropped for onchain artists.

Optimism launched “We ❤️ The Art” - distributing 1M OP tokens to up to 184 potential winners.

Somehoodlum launched Somefund, a $250,000 fund for 28 creatives.

This comes on the back of gasless uploads from Sound, the new SplitsKit and a new AI wallet from Dawn.

RAC teased a new type of DAO and a16z shared a market map on AI music companies to watch.

Theres no shortage of new experiments in the air - and with ETH breaking $2k, NFTs are seeing a glimpse of life.

We’re doing our best to cover it all - and are excited to see who takes advantage of the new tools on the table!

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Top Stories

We ❤️ The Art Contest From Optimism

Five week contest with an 1,000,000 OP prize pool and up to 184 potential winners.

Somehoodlum Launches Somefund

$250,000 is up for grabs to 28 creatives.

Gassless Uploads on Sound

Upload tracks to Sound for free with just an email address.

RAC Teases Catalog DAO

RAC shares ideas for collectors to own his catalog onchain.

a16z AI Music Thesis

a16z shares their thesis on the intersection of music and AI.

Splits Announces SplitsKit

An easy way for developers to add Splits to their app.

Dawn Wallet Launches Dawn AI

Interact with Ethereum using everyday language.

Songcamp CC0 Remix Tape

18 remixes using stems from their original CC0 Mixtape Vol. 1.

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