This Week in Music NFTs - Feb 20

Conference season is heating up.

I’m headed off to NFT Paris this weekend, followed by ETH Denver next weekend.

We’re throwing a Music NFT Kickback event at ETH Denver so be sure to stay tuned for an invite!

The music highlights of this week were three projects - SWEETS 2, Science of Patterns and RŌHKI.

Fresh off a rebrand, Aly debuted his open edition album - SWEETS 2 - with mints for the first 8 songs. With the last 4 starting today, the collection is shaping up to have made a big splash.

Tycho minted his first album (made 20 years ago) in partnership with Medallion through his Open Source Community. The album saw over 700 editions sold - largely from mainstream fans.

RŌHKI turned heads with 677 editions minted for the last song in Season 1 - Reflections.

The interest case study here is the difference between the buyers of Science of Patterns and Reflections.

Medallion is strategically leaning in the use of credit cards and abstraction to get fans over the line with collecting.

RŌHKI leans to a much more crypto-native audience with Sound but it highlights one very important topic.

How do we get more collectors involved?

Right now - only a fraction of the world’s music is collectible.

I believe the single biggest goal for this year is to put as much music on-chain as possible.

Think about it. Skrillex dropped 2 albums in 48 hours after selling out MSG in 3 minutes.

How many editions would it have sold?

These are the questions worth asking and the challenges worth solving.

Here’s what to watch for this week.

Upcoming Drops

  1. Lackhoney - SWEETS 2 - Chapter iii

  2. Daniel Allan x DEEGAN - Nauseous

  3. Gramatik - Muy Tranquilo

  4. LNRZ x TK - I Don’t Need You

  5. Jagwar Twin - The Circle (O)

  6. Iman Europe - iPhone Screen

  7. Bad Lovers Club - Razerbladed Dividends

  8. Talk Time - The Last Time (Heavy)

  9. Peter Saputo - Shattered

  10. High Tropics - Girlfriends

  11. Amanda Frances - Crying During Sex

  12. Valentina Cy - Bad

Freshly Minted

  1. RŌHKI - Reflection

  2. Tycho - Science of Patterns

  3. LNRZ x Mija x DEEGAN - Ghost

  4. Pluko - April (Eyes)

  5. Grady - Kissing Girls

  6. Aly - SWEETS 2 - Chapter i & ii

  7. Umphrey’s Mcgee - Staircase

  8. Heds - Lazer buck - ANDEOCHROME

  9. Eldar Zey - Amber Pt. 2


  11. Brendvn - Oasis

  12. TK - Kits S01 Demo Tape

  13. Dessaur - Gressian Snails

  14. Jazii - Rain

  15. Leo Pastel - Oxytocin

  16. AL3C - Por Tu Barrio

  17. Fridays at the Park with TOBi

Top Stories

NoiseDAO Announces HIGH FREQUENCY Vol 1

NoiseDAO shares plans to launch their first compilation

Tycho Science of Patterns 20th Anniversary

Tycho sells editions of his first album through Medallion and the Open Source community.

Napster Acquired MintSongs

The brand that started digital music streaming acquires MintSongs

Bonfire Introduces Native Drops

Bonfire allows anyone to drop on their own site powered by Sound Protocol

Sound Adds Top Charts

Sound adds top 100 songs on the platforms to the Charts

Bello Launches Custom Searches

Bello adds a new feature to easily search through different collections

Water & Music State of Music AI Tools

Water & Music shares a deep dive on the current state of music AI

Bonus Reads

  1. RŌHKI Season 1 Recap

  2. TK - Eternal Garden Master Suite

  3. Beachcrime Backstory

  4. Broke Investor Fresh Mints 13

  5. Basgras on Music NFT Royalties

  6. Ash Fishman Web3 Music Cohort

  7. Michael DiVestia 200 Music NFTs

  8. Rug Radio Music NFTs

  9. Music Ben 5 Stories

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Disclosure: I am an investor in Medallion, Bonfire and Sound. I have also collected most of the songs mentioned in Freshly Minted.

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