This Week in Music NFTs - Feb 13

Curator rewards are here.

Sound now allows curators to earn ETH when collectors mint using their referral link(s). And we’re testing it out with all the songs mentioned below!

I’ve been vocal about my belief that collecting content is the key driver for the next bull market.

And now - curators can share in that upside.

This creates a strong loop to get music on-chain, therefore getting more people to collect.

This comes on top of a jam-packed week including major partnerships, new albums, DAOs, social applications and more.

Safe to say - the music ecosystem is starting to blossom.

So put your music out there.

Let everyone hear it.

And if you’re looking for a manager in web3 - we just wrapped the Launchpad and have 12 eager candidates ready to ramp up.

It’s go time.

Upcoming Drops

  1. Aly - SWEETS 2 - Florida

  2. RŌHKI - Reflection

  3. LNRZ x Mija x DEEGAN - Ghost

  4. Eldar Zey - Amber Pt. 2


  6. heyboy - Hero

  7. Valentina Cy - You Shoulda Ran

  8. Dessauer - Choosing To Bare Fruit

  9. Allem iversom - Last Summer

  10. Caly Bevier - Say You’re Mine

Freshly Minted

  1. Rihanna - Bitch Better Have My Money

  2. Angelbaby x Reo Cragun - 2055

  3. Boys Noize - Vocoder

  4. Rae Isla - Thank You, I’m Sorry, I love you

  5. Spottie WIFI - The Kings Alpha

  6. Benny Mayne - MoonWalker

  7. Grady - Beachwood Canyon

  8. Song a Day Mann - Check Yourself

  9. Bloody White - Showbiz

  10. Ari Rivera - Deer [Tangling Like Ivy]

  11. Camoufly - Earthbound

  12. WizTheMc - Before I Die (demo)

  13. Edwin - Intoxicated

  14. Charm Taylor - Green Acres

  15. OZZIE - Ultraviolet

  16. Hamburgalar Genesis Edition

  17. Decent Access Pass

Listen to Freshly Minted on Spinamp

Top Stories

Sound Releases Curator Rewards

Sound shares a new way for curators to earn ETH when sharing songs.

DefJam Partners with The Whales

A new virtual artist project from the Catalina Whales signs with Def Jam records.

AnotherBlock Drops a Rihanna Song

Ahead of the SuperBowl, AnotherBlock sees strong demand for their royalty-backed NFTs.

Aly Announces SWEET 2 + Rebrand

Lackhoney rebrands to Aly with his new project - SWEETS 2

Iman Europe Launches the Homies DAO

Iman launches a new DAO for artist wellness

FWB Releases Social App

FWB releases a new social app for community members.

Jagwar Twin Updates Hall of Mirrors

Jagwar Twin shares new updates on his iconic Hall of Mirrors portal

OohLaLa Shares Direct Mint

Oohlala allows for direct minting through their music player.

Glass Protocol Releases Milestones

Glass releases a new mint format for collecting videos

Decent Upgrades Creator Portal

Decent shares a new suite of upgrades to expedite onboarding

Bonus Reads

  1. Mija Normalize Releasing for Yourself

  2. Broke Investor Music NFT Giveaway

  3. Collecting Culture

  4. Hamburgalar Bankruptcy Letter

  5. Lil Aaron on NFTs

  6. Koop x Mint Podcast

  7. Music Ben on Curator Rewards

  8. Dreams Never Die Weekly Recap

  9. Dadabots APHEX TWIN on Bitcoin

  10. CryptoVonDoom on royalties

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Disclosure: I am an investor in Sound, FWB and Decent. I am an advisor to Glass and an owner of Catalina Whales. I have also collected most of the songs mentioned in Freshly Minted.

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