Onchain Ownership Heats Up

Artists are sharing ownership onchain.

UNSEEN CLUB just went live with digi-physical merch where holders earn splits from forever editions.

RŌHKI’s new CERULEAN EP gives collectors 5% of sales for collecting the full set.

Sound integrated Farcaster and Lens - creating more direct channels to earn curators fees for sharing songs onchain.

rAAVE took over DevConnect in Istanbul on the back of their sold out GHO Pass and Zora introduced batch uploads.

Decent and Privy teamed up for a market map of onchain music

All in all - there are more and more ways to earn.

Pretty soon, you won’t even need to buy ETH to get started, you can simply earn it for being active onchain!

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Top Stories

UNSEEN CLUB Launches New Age Street Team

Hume teams up with IYK, Bonfire and Coop Records for a collection of digi-physical merch.

rAAVE at DevConnect Istanbul

rAAVE takes Devconnect for an unforgettable night in Turkey.

RŌHKI Announces Splits for Collectors

CERULEAN drives 10+ ETH and tops the Sound charts along with a rewards for set collectors.

Sound Integrates Farcaster and Lens

Sound adds the ability to share mints to onchain social platforms.

Decent x Privy Consumer Crypto Market Map

Decent and Privy team up for a map of consumer crypto products.

Zora Batch Creation

Drag and drop content to mint NFTs in batches.

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Featuring Angelbaby, RŌHKI, Daniel Allan, George Hooks, and Serboy.

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Weekly Spotlight

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