Music Monday 1

Welcome to the first version of Music Monday - a new column from Invest in Music.

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We’re expanding our coverage - starting with two specific columns.

Music Monday - a deep dive on a Featured Song, Upcoming Drops, Freshly Minted and Still Minting.

Weekly Rollups - a recap of the top stories and tweets from the past week.

We plan to ramp up our songs and story cover and expand our contributor network.

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Here’s what to watch this week.

oshi - my girl

The second track off a forthcoming album - oshi continues his trajectory as a pioneering artist in web3.

As the first artist to drop on Sound, oshi has continually developed his sound into a beautiful fusion of electronic and alternative music.

This project is now seeing the light of day after battling to release the music through a previous deal.

“You are always worthy of to love, and of loving.” notes oshi in a heartfelt description about the blessings and challenges of love.

“my girl” features 250 editions at an accessible price of 0.005 ETH - or roughly $8 a pop.

Upcoming Drops

  1. oshi - my girl

  2. LNRZ x Edwin - YOURE DONE

  3. Felly - Free Love

  4. Gianni Blu - Walking on a Dream

  5. Valentina Cy - You Make Life a Little Better

Freshly Minted

  1. Invest in Music Pass

  2. LNRZ x Lucas Radouch x Ryan King - Meteorite

  3. Charm Taylor x Miles Harris x Sara Philips - BREAD


  5. Jon Waltz x Jamee x Jadyn Violet - Skyzone

  6. Monday! - The Breaks

  7. oshi - Growing Up

  8. Draagan - Ascendance

  9. Future Surf Radio - Jumprope

  10. Aly - Good Boy

  11. Abjo - The Lecture

  12. Daz Merchant - Cashmere

  13. Sara Phillips - MINE

  14. Xcelencia - OMW

  15. Yunice - Prove Me Wrong

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Start collecting on Sound today at

Still Minting

  1. RUDE CAT - Good Mourning

  2. Pussy Riot - Plaything

  3. DLG - Close One

  4. Cudos - highscore!

  5. Contradash - Isabel

  6. Benny Mayne - Strangers

  7. Harrison First - You

  8. Dabow - 2 Minutes

  9. Dwilly - Dopamine

  10. Brevin Kim - PNTHR

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